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2D & 3D AnimationDeciding a career after 12th or college is a challenging task. When you are going through your teenage years, it’s not easy to decide which career is suitable for you. Some students try different courses just because their friends or family members suggest them to do so and later repent for taking a poor decision. You must understand that the first few years after college determines the base of your future and if you take silly decisions, you may never get job satisfaction.
While choosing a career course, a student must pay attention to two things: what excites him and the job prospect of his chosen career path. Considering the current popularity of web and animation, joining web designing courses or an animation course can be a smart career move. If you are a creative person and have a passion for art, you have an added reason to cheer since there are a lot of job opportunities in these segments since every year several new 2D/3D animated films and websites come to the market.
Let me discuss some of the career wise lucrative courses you can join to excel in your professional life.
Web designing – Website design and development is highly popular these days as every new company is trying to establish its online presence by building a website. In Veda, we provide diploma in web design and help budding graphic designers fulfill their goals. Our experienced and dedicated teachers teach the use of variety of web design tools and share their experiences with the students. Once the course is complete, you can apply for a job in several web design and development agencies and earn a lucrative salary.
image of game designing courses in pune at VEDAGame designing – Do you love playing games on PlayStation and Xbox? How about developing a game that thousands of others can enjoy? Gaming is the new addiction of generation Y and considering the popularity and available game development platforms, it can be stated with confidence that this business will keep making profit in the years to come. Game development companies like EA and Ubisoft hire employees every year and they offer staggering remuneration. Our game designing course can help you learn how games can be developed. From character drawing and modeling to adding 2D/3D effects to the characters and environment, our professional teachers explain the entire process and provide hands-on experience. We provide our students with the latest game development software and encourage creative thinking so that they can create their dream game.
Animation course – You can also learn 2D and 3D animation to keep multiple career opportunities open. Once you become an expert in animation, you can join the film industry, gaming or ad business. Some of the biggest animation studios are outsourcing work to India and you can join an animation agency in the future to express your creativity. We offer both 2D and 3D diploma animation course and depending on your passion, you can join any one of them to enrich your knowledge and get ready for a bright future.
Visual effects courseVFXDo you love the extraordinary visual effects shown in films like Spider Man and Avengers? That is the work of visual effects experts. By joining our affordable visual effects course, you can fulfill your childhood dream and create a virtual world where your super heroes are faced with new challenges. Visual effects specialists generally get placements in film studios.
Veda offers a range of career oriented courses for students and our counselors discuss the prospects of each course with students personally so that they can take an informed decision. All our courses are quite affordable as we want to make India the biggest hub of animators in the near future.

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