master korungamba

Animation Series “Tom and Jerry” might be boring for grown up adults, but for eight years old Master Koroungamba Kuman, the animation series had help him saving himself as well as his 4 years old sister from being caught in fire. The incident happened on July, 2011 at his house & he rescued himself along with his kid sister.

“I felt the heat at my feet when I was asleep that day, then I finally realized that our house was on fire. At first I was a little helpless but finally as I remember how Jerry put off fire in Tom & Jerry serial,” said Koroungamba Kumam when asked how he was able to save his sister and himself when they were caught in the middle of fire.

Maya On that day 8 years old Koroungamba and his 4 years old sister were sleeping at their house at Moirang Kumam Leikai under Bishnupur district when the house was on fire. Both his parents were away for work. The brother and sister could have lost their live hadn’t Koroungamba courageously put off the fire and save his sister and himself. In recognition to his courage, the President of India conferred him National Child Bravery Award during the Republic day ceremony held at the National capital this year.
This is the brave story how Master Koroungamba saves his sis’s life along with his own.. Koroungamba, Jerry must be proud with u.. Kids, keep on watching cartoons to get smart, courageous & brave.

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