VEDA AKA PAI International Learning Solutions and Green Gold animation join hands for benefit of students. Green Gold Animation is the creator of famous Chota Bheem, Luv Kush and other original IPs. Green Gold Animation Pvt ltd was started in 2001 by Mr. Rajiv Chilaka , it is one of the first few entrants in the Indian animation industry with the unique knowledge of developing original IP Content. It created a niche for itself in the industry by producing Vikram Betal, Krishna series, Krishna Balram, image of bsc animation courses in pune at VEDAChorr Police and the hugely popular Chhota Bheem.

Under the partnership program, all the students who are studying in M.Sc., B. Sc., Diploma in 2D animation etc will get a unique chance to do FREE internship with the makers of Chota Bheem.. The students will work very closely with the team of Chota Bheem.. The internship will be of 2-3 month duration & to be done on the Green Gold premises, Hyderabad.The intership will boost the Student morale and more importantly will bridge the gap between the teachings in the class and the application of it in real time production.

The creative team of Green Gold will also occasionally visit VEDA, Pune to keep a close touch with the students and their technical development.

The credit of association goes to our HOD Shri Rishi Aacharya and CEO of Green Gold  Shri Rajiv Chilaka.

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