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Hollywood has long tradition of successful animation films. In India, the grip of animation movies is moving slow and steady. But like Hollywood now Bollywood has also started exploring the possibilities of making stunning movies with the help of animation and Visual Effects techniques. In the year 2008 “Roadside Romeo” , 2009 – “ 2D & 3D AnimationArjuna – The Warrior Price and now in last year 2012 “Delhi Safari” are few most successful and well-know bollywood animation and visual effects movies.

Accoriding to Mr. Harshal Sathe , The 3D Animation Trainer in VEDA , With this increasing interest of bollywood in Visual effects and Animation, the demand of skilled workforce in animation and multimedia industry is increasing day by day.

Starting from the famous IP of “Ek Anek aur Ekta” in 1947 to “Delhi Safari” in 2012 Indian animation industry has chased a long journey of success and animation colleges like VEDA always inspire their students to become the strength of this industry.

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