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Digital painting is a comparatively new art form which fuses traditional techniques of drawing like oil and water colors with modern digital tools like software, stylus and tablet.

Digital art is, however, not to be confused with computer generated art. While the latter involves a computerized depiction from a model, the former makes use of painting techniques in order to create a digitalized image right away on the computer.2D & 3D Animation

The various types of digital painting are watercolor, impressionism and realism.

It uses various paint effects and brushes to create a picture. The brushes are digitally styled in order to bring about the effect of the traditional styles of painting which includes pastels, oils, charcoal, acrylics, pen and also airbrushing.

Production art is where digital painting reigns. The conceptual designs of films and video games are done in digital art because of which there is such a great demand for 3Ds max training and 2D animation courses. Software such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, GIMP, ArtRage, openCanvas and Krita are used liberally in this form. These provide the artist with a canvas, mixing palettes, painting tools and other accompaniments of painting so that he gets the ambiance of a physical painter.

Artists, however, argue that digital painting does not offer the comfort and control of holding an actual brush in the hand. They also feel that digital painting has something seriously lacking in it. They believe that this form of drawing does not really infuse life into a painting.

The primary difference between traditional and computerized art is the non-linear process. Computerized images may be arranged in layers and thus can be freely edited and the strokes can also be redone and undone but a digital artist is limited to these very techniques because of the absence of physicality. He, however, has access to many more things which may be unavailable to a traditional painter such as a canvas of any size, a virtual palette with several colors, various 2D and 3D effect tools etc.

People who are interested in making a career in the industry of video games can learn 3D max. It is used by video game companies and the film and television industry in order to develop 3 Dimension visual effects.  You can get a 3D max course done from a 3D training or gaming institute where you will get to learn about the functions and features behind 3D Max design. Most importantly, you will get the much needed hands-on practice which will give you an experience of working on 3 Dimension for real.

A more advanced 3D max course will teach you to build gaming characters, objects and environments and also to create characters for animation.

Getting 2D animation courses can get you a good place in the huge and flourishing industry of animation. These courses impart you with the skills needed to survive in the industry. The field-proven techniques and the hands-on tasks give you the necessary experience and thus make you an expert at the game.

2D animation courses can also be helpful if you 2D-Animationaim to build a career in graphic design.
So go ahead, polish your skills and have a fabulous career in digital art.

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