Dear Students in this article I would like to share few important things regarding website designing with you. I’ve seen couple of incidents where a student starts with the concept which is really good at first but due to lack of fundamental knowledge he ends up with a crap.

So I thought to write something on the fundamentals of good website designing in this article.

A. Understand the project requirement: it is very important before working on any website concept, to understand the complete scope of the project, objective of website designing and further what is the message we are going to convey through the website. I will recommend all of you that before restarting the website designing you must first understand that by defining the project scope of the website and setting up the overall scope of the website, you can you’re your lot of time, efforts and energy. Remember, setting up a project scope can help you further to design your website effectively.

B. Keep it simple: Students are fascinated with jazzy designs, flash animations, heavy sound and music loops. But remember the purpose of designing a website is not to showcase our fancy skills but to convey the message with simplicity, ease and effectiveness. A good website must contain user-friendly GUI, easy navigation system for a user to get the information quickly. So try to sketch out the design model where you would be able to present the overall content in the most effective and easy manner.

C. Don’t stick to the typical layout: if you are really interested to create something out of the box design for your website project, I would strongly recommend you, just not to stick with the traditional web layout structure. Remember there are millions of websites on Internet and your website will stand apart only if you are coming with out of the box concepts for your websites. So I would recommend that before designing any website or planning about the layout, Google over the Internet, see the latest trends of designing the website, check out the current portfolio galleries, get some inspiration and then start building your concept.

web designing course at PAI college of VEDAD. Images are important but not everything: Images are the most important element of any website it gives a graphical feel and arrange a good support around the text however you should keep in mind that your website should not look an album of images. Also remember the fact that the more images you use in your website, it will take more time to download.

E. Design it phase vise: there are following the steps you should use while designing a website from scratch

  1. Make a rough layout of the home page,
  2. Try to figure out the element of the website
  3. Define your navigation structure
  4. Arrange the content according to the pages structure
  5. Collect the required images and graphics
  6. Think about the site map and lastly check out the broken links after completing the website.
I’m sure that before starting your website project if you will consider these fundamental points you will end up with a simple, attractive and user-friendly website.

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