Remember those days at school when you had nothing to do but squiggle through your exercise books! Those were days when your talent was at a nascent stage which has now shaped itself into an arty passion. And now when you have nurtured your love for sketches for all these days, go ahead and know more where it could take you in the future. Apart from the conventional fine arts field, where sketching constitutes an important part, the animation and graphics industry is too drawing heavily on the rudiment of visual art form. Sketching helps understand the intricacies of any visual idea or concept which is otherwise hard to explain to a layman. College of Visual Effects,Design & Art offers unique graphics design and animation classes that will help you hone your sketching and drawing skills. Gradually you will be able to develop an eye on aspects like perspective, details, contrasts and balance.
2D-AnimationBenefits of sketching
Dig with sketching to find some amazing concepts. When initiating a fresh project, numerous things hover over your head but at the end things turn up really differently. The moment you start jotting down ideas on the paper, more stronger and innovative concepts will crop up. You never know what inspires your ideas and you get a million dollar sketch! Sketching helps experimenting with your creative stints. Try to explore your artistic abilities to the fullest to find the best of design ideas through sketching. Your creative juices will start flowing just the moment you hold a pencil and feel an absolutely a different sensation that would not come with a mouse in your hand. Try to write all the things that come to your mind and then start sketching and revising it until the moment when you have created something worthy to be transferred well to the computer.
Sketching helps you to put forward your creative conceptualizations more clearly. This will make your design process complete more quickly than ever. Sketching ideas can take your design process to a whole new level. It is pretty evident that by spending a considerable amount of time with the design ideas, you tend to develop a strong concept about its elements. This will let you to explain things more eloquently to your clients. As you develop your design ideas through sketching, you do it everywhere. So chances are that you are getting exposed to a large variety of environments that might give you the stimuli and help you gain an insight to the design.    
How to enhance sketching for animation and graphics?
·         Word lists and mind maps- With these tools, you can mark every possible word that goes into the process of designing. However, there are many online applications for these methods but nothing can beat paper sketching.But these applications can serve all those who have less confidence on actual sketching skills.
·       2D & 3D Animation  Sketch anything to start off- After a prolonged session of brainstorming, when you are sitting with a blank page, don’t get frightened. The best way to get out of this situation is to sketch anything, whether it is a dot, a circle, line, square, anything. Wander for some time with doodles all over the page if needed. As long as you are sketching, you are closer to your next idea.
·         Experiment with different effects- Try and test every possible effect to find the best one. Enhance your animation designs by using different types of tools like pencils, pens, charcoals, chalk, watercolors, etc on different surface to get a dramatized concept. Sketching websites or galleries like sketch crawl; Monty Python Sketches, etc can be visited for extensive examples.

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