“The Creative Side of the Course”- animation and graphic designing 
If you like to play around, showing your creative spurts in the form of images, designs, sketches, and other related art forms, probably you are cut out for the creative field of animation and graphic designing. Mark my words, it is not easy to carve a niche in a creative field as you are always required to come up with newer and fresh ideas while experimenting comprehensively with animations, multimedia, audio/video, texts, still images and other interactive contents. Well if you want to master the skills of animation and graphic designing, choose a course in the same field. College of Visual Effects,Design & Art offers world class web, graphics designing and animation courses where you can explore new avenues of artistic abilities.
Scope for animation and graphics in India

Today, animation and multimedia is everywhere, becoming a part and parcel of our lives. Right from glossy magazines to newspapers, comics, and books to the electronic media among others, the application of graphics and animation is widespread. This increasing incorporation of these creative aspects produces strong evidence that the industry is expanding its boundaries. Demand of animation and multimedia professionals is also witnessing a hike. India is also flowing in this same stream where you can find a thriving market for the   animation and graphic designing industry with innumerable options promising exceptionally lucrative career coupled with continued growth.

Areas covered in an animation and graphics course

The fields of animation and graphics call for people who possess the gift creativity and inventiveness and have an arty mind carve and know no boundary when it comes to experimenting. Animation and graphic designing courses are relevant for the following industries

  • Web design
  • 2D and 3D animation
  • Editing and Compositing courses
  • Architectural design
  • Video Production
  • Digital video
  • Storyboards
A rewarding career option

Since the modern business world is heavily dependent on computers and the internet technology in particular, for reaching out to their target audiences, online marketers are laying great stress on having their own company website to attain maximum global exposure. Websites are indispensible for an online business as it gives a fair chance to develop a strong presence through the vast World Wide Web. To create a successful website, it is essential to learn the ins and outs of web and graphic designing. College of Visual Effects,Design & Art offers professional web and graphic designing courses that will help you in exercising creativity and freedom for devising ‘out-of-the-box’ graphics.
Graphics and animation are considered powerful communication tools that convey an intended Media Graphics professionalmessage through ground breaking ways. With the advancement of the media, advertising and marketing industries, demand for professional animators and graphic designers has visibly shot up. Even the film industry is reaping full advantage of the advanced 2D and 3d animation techniques in the form of closer-to-life cartoon films. Animation is flourishing big time with the support of the gaming industry. If you wish to become a professional animator or graphic designer, consider undergoing training from industry professionals focusing both on the theoretical and practical aspects of the course. Career as a web or graphic designer or an animator is indeed a rewarding one where you will be able to express your true love for art and College of Visual Effects,Design & Art will fuel it further with their “state-of-the-art” training courses.

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